Built on the principles of adaptation, growth, and transparency.

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About Our Company

Chiappetta Financial Group was built on the principles of adaptation, growth, and transparency. We focus on helping pre-retirees with all aspects of their financial picture, guiding them to the outcome that they have always envisioned. Located in Northwestern Ohio, we serve all of that area as well as parts of Michigan. Our goal is to help all people feel secure in their financial plan throughout their entire life, which is why we continue to review financial plans every year and make sure all of our clients are still on track. Read on to learn more about each of our integral team members.

Our Three Step Process

At Chiappetta Financial Group, we follow a unique process that ensures your financial security is never compromised!


We want to take this time to get to know you and truly understand your financial situation. At this meeting we will have a few goals, including, understanding your specific needs, learning which products and services you are interested in, and getting to know you and your family dynamic.


After our first meeting, you will have a little “homework” assignment to fill out. This sheet is all about your financial situation, wants, and needs; it can be filled out on your own time and will give us all of the information we need to crunch the numbers and create a perfect plan for your situation. When you come back to the office and turn it in, we will discuss your plan further and decide on the best course of action.


Once your plan is agreed upon, we will review your existing plan to find room for improvements. We will use financial planning software to analyze the progress on your asset allocation and 401(k), as well as taking a look at the entire picture of your stocks, bonds, and annuities. This is all done to ensure that you are still on track year after year.

Gino Chiappetta

Certified Financial Planner

Gino Chiappetta, originally from east suburbs of Cleveland, has been in the financial industry for 34 years. After attending the University of Toledo, Gino stayed local while continuing education at the American College for Financial Planning and continues to serve the Toledo and Michigan. He has built his company, Chiappetta Financial Group, as a fiduciary, upon the foundation of putting his client’s best interest at the forefront of his recommendations. Gino is a Certified Financial Planner (™) and acquired seven FINRA examinations and a life, health and major insurance license in order to better serve his clients.

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